Why choose wick chafing fuel?

Why choose wick chafing fuel?

Wick fuel is widely used in catering industry, such as hotel or restaurant. Sometimes Some outdoor party activity will use wick fuel . It is much more convenient.. They are used for food heating and warming.

Wick fuel is one fuel with liquid material. They worked with one wick, together with chafing dish.  In the market, you may see one fuel called gel methanol or gel ethanol. Their price is a little cheaper compared with wick fuel. But wick fuel is much safer, it is good for people and environment....Gel fuel is dangerous goods, it is flammable, smoke, poisonous...but wick fuel is general goods, general chemical goods. Ocea cost for wick fuel is much cheaper if export to other country. What is more, wick chafing fuel is much more environmental. For wick fuel, 6 hours are popular. Color of flame is orange if  burned with cotton wick. If it burned with fiberglass wick, flame is a little blue... it look great. General speaking , wick chafing fuel with screw cap are popular in the USA, Canada, Korea and Japan market. Plastic cap wick fuel are popular in the Russia, UAE, Germany and so on....But in India or Pakistan and  Bangladesh, gel fuel is still accpetable by most customer, coz of its price. These years, people care health a lot.. more and more people choose wick fuel.. choose wick fuel, to make life much safer and greater.



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